Category: General Local Artist, Greg Clifton, on display.

Local Artist, Greg Clifton, on display.

February 1, 2019

Greg Clifton February 1st-14th, 2019

Underwater photography for Greg Clifton represents a convergence of two longstanding passions – diving and taking pictures. Greg is excited, and quite honored, to have the chance to showcase some of his favorite images stemming from dive trips over the past four years in Central America. The exhibit (his first!) will consist of 21 images taken from the waters of southern Belize, Bonaire, Roatan, Utila, and Cayman. Consisting largely of corals, tropical fish and some larger seafaring species (including the world’s largest fish – the whale shark), the images are shared to underscore the incredible beauty and rich diversity of coral ecosystems, while raising awareness of their fragile nature and declining status in recent years.

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