Community Room Policy

  • Vail Public Library’s Community Room is available to nonprofit groups for philanthropic, educational, cultural, or civic purposes.
  • Meetings must be free. Private parties and gatherings cannot be accommodated.
  • The room is available for booking only during library hours (M -Th 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. & F-S 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.) A listing of currently scheduled meetings and events can be found online under the event calendar at
  • A minimum of 24-hour notice is required for bookings.
  • The capacity of the room is 126 on the North side and 81 on the South side.
    • 9 classroom-style tables and 58 chairs are available for meetings.
  • AV equipment available for use in the room:
    • 48” screen with a PC
    • Camera for hybrid meetings
    • 2 speakers
    • Wireless internet
    • HDMI connection
    • Adapter for Apple products

NOTE: Staff assistance is required to use AV equipment. Users will be held responsible for any damage done to AV equipment. We recommend scheduling an appointment to test out the equipment in advance of your meeting.

  • Groups may bring food and beverages. NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED.
    • The small kitchen area may be used, but all items must be provided by the group. The library does not offer any supplies.
    • A sink, mini fridge, and microwave are available for your convenience and use.
  • Set-up: Please check in with a staff member at the front desk when you arrive. You are responsible for any set-up you may need, i.e., use of tables, chairs, kitchen area, etc. (except for any audio-visual and technology needs). Please consider your setup time at the moment of booking.
  • Clean-up: All meetings must conclude 15 minutes prior to closing. You are responsible for clean-up after your event, i.e., putting away tables & chairs in neat order where found, chairs may only be stacked 12 high on black carts in alternating colors, kitchen area must be clean including putting away all items used and rinsing coffee pots, etc. Users must pay costs for repair of any damage incurred.

NOTE: Vail Public Library is proud of its sustainable efforts, please respect those efforts by composting and recycling the proper way.

  • The library is unable to store any items for groups using the community room and the library is not responsible for any items left in the building.
  • Unless otherwise requested, contact information will be posted on the library’s online calendar.
  • Please contact Vail Public Library for last-minute cancelations.

Vail Public Library assumes no liability for loss, damage, or injury that might arise through the use of the Community Room. Permission to use the Community Room does not constitute an endorsement by Vail Public Library. No advertisement implying such endorsement is permitted. Vail Public Library reserves the right to revoke Community Room privileges at any time.


ADOPTED: April 2023


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