Library Wireless Network

Wireless Network Access: 

To log onto our wireless network:
1. Search available networks for “Library”, which is the name of our wireless network.
2. You are now on our wireless network.
3. Wireless network is only available during library hours.

To print from our wireless network using a laptop or mobile device :

1. Follow this link to our wireless printing service. We use Printeron as the wireless print driver. You can print from a laptop or mobile device. (Note: If you already have a Printeron app, just add Vail Public Library to be able to print on our wireless network, but the app is not required to print from Printeron.)
2. Use the print client to send your jobs to the print release station. Printeron uses your email address identify your print jobs on the print release station.
3. Proceed to the print release station to release your print jobs.
4. 5 pages of printing per day are free.  Additional pages are $0.20/page.

To print emails from mobile devices or print using a smartphone:

You can also send an email with attachments to our print station and print your documents. The body of the email will be one print job and each attachment will be a separate print job.

1. Send or forward an email with attachment(s) to
2. A confirmation email will be emailed back to you saying that your print job is ready.
3. At the print station enter your email address to release the documents.
4. 5 pages of printing per day are free.  Additional pages are $0.20/page.

One-on-One Tech Help

Book a librarian to get one-on-one tech help.

Ask questions about…

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Setting up an email account
  • Overdrive ebook and audiobook downloads
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet Browsers
  • 3D Design Software Help
  • Google Docs/Google Drive

Book a librarian is available here

Also available for one-on-one appointments is 3D Design software help. Software programs available for one-on-one sessions are : CAD, Google SketchUp and Solid Works. Please note, CAD and Solid Works are paid software programs. These software programs will be available for training during your session only.


  • Please arrive on time and with a clear goal of what you would like to learn. You will be asked while setting up your appointment what you would like to learn.
  • Please arrive with all the necessary passwords needed to access your device or accounts.
  • Be sure to bring in any device you need help with. A PC will be available for basic computer questions.
  • We are unable to troubleshoot or fix broken devices, and we will not replace parts on your device.

For questions or to make an appointment please contact Sandy Rivera at or 970-479-2331

Library Amenities include:

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