Evenings of Engagement

Libraries are not just about books.

Vail Public Library is one of the most visited places in Vail. Not only for its large collection of movies and books but for great free programming for all ages.

Evenings of Engagement is a series of events aimed at adults, with the purpose of offering exciting, interesting, fun or educational experiences.

Over the years, Vail Public Library has presented local and national musicians, art and cooking workshops, living history about well-known characters from Colorado or the world, visits by authors who share their inspiration for writing, and informative presentations about the region.

Best of all this programming is free.

Check our Calendar for upcoming events!!

Upcoming Events:


WEDNESDAY, JULY 31 | 5:30 P.M.

Flagship Romance is an alternative folk duo known for their vocal harmonies, inspired songwriting, dynamic live show, and a remarkable on and off-stage chemistry that will leave you with the feeling that you made two new best friends. Married singers-songwriters Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson will have you questioning how their larger-than-life sound can come from just two voices and an acoustic guitar.