Little Free Libraries

Building Community, Sparking Creativity, Inspiring Readers

Little Free Library is a nonprofit that aims to inspire a love of reading and spark creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges. Little free libraries come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common version is a small wooden box of books. Anyone may take a book or bring a book to share; there is an understanding that real people are sharing their favorite books with their community.

Little libraries are sometimes called “mini town squares,” and thanks to these little free libraries, millions of books are exchanged each year by readers of all ages and backgrounds.

Would you like to find the closest Little Free Library to you? Take a look at the map (or click through to search for a Little Free Library near you)!

Built by the teens in our 2017 Summer Reading Program, Vail Public Library has placed five little free libraries around Vail and Gypsum.

With the help of many partners, we have collectively built and readied five little free libraries to be placed around Vail and the valley. Although we are the original stewards, these little libraries are the property of the community. Don’t you love the feeling of finishing a great book and wanting to share it with a friend? Well, this is a perfect platform for that exchange. The little libraries will become the neighborhood’s responsibility to keep in good condition, orderly and fun. The basic idea is to take a book, return a book. Folks don’t need to feel obligated to make the one-to-one exchange each time but in order to keep books that are current, favorites and in good shape, we do encourage people to give some thought and love to the exchange. Our libraries will be registered with and they will be on the Little Free Library World Map. Everyone is welcome to join the organization as a steward, sign-up for the free weekly enewsletter or follow them on social media. Partners in this effort are: Kline Design and Construction, Chris Evans, Home Depot, the Town of Vail, Vail Public Library and the teens who built and painted the libraries, and Gene Walker who mounted the doors and hinges of each Little Free Library.

Back of Vail Public Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stratton Flats in Gypsum, CO


Ellfson Park


Big Horn Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                Stephen’s Park


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