New Marmot Libraries Passwords

Passwords are here!

Starting on March 28, passwords have been added to your library account as an added level of security to protect your privacy.

The default passwords will be the first three letters of your last name (or the name provided for your library account) and the last four digits of your library card.

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to reset your default password to a password of your choice. We encourage all library patrons to select a password or passphrase that consists of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Patrons will need to have an email on file to receive this notification.

Do you have to have a password?

Yes, passwords will be required:

You do not need a password:

  • To visit the library
  • To use self-checkout machines
  • To access WiFi
  • To participate in library events
  • To use public internet computers, copiers, printers, or scanners

What will the initial password be?

Default passwords will be generated by Marmot staff and populated into patron records.

The first three letters of your last name (or the name provided for your library account) and the last four digits of the barcode. For example, John Doe, with a barcode of 4160001234567 (not a real barcode) would have the following default password:


After passwords are enabled on March 28, 2023, patrons who log into the library catalog using the default password will be prompted to reset their password.

Once patrons are logged in, they should review, update, or add an email address by clicking the “Edit Account” link. They will need a valid email in order to retrieve or reset a forgotten password.

For Parents/Caregivers:  If patrons have multiple family members with library cards, parents/caregivers may want to consider choosing the same password for each cardholder so they don’t have to juggle multiple passwords in order to access online accounts and services.

How do patrons without email addresses reset their passwords?

The library will use the email addresses that are in the patron record to allow patrons to reset their passwords. If a patron does not have an email address in their account they will need to contact the library staff to have their password reset through the system,

What happens to patrons who never reset their default password?

Patrons will have a grace period from March 28 – July 31 to reset their default password. Once libraries close on the evening of July 31, Marmot staff will update any remaining default passwords with randomly generated passwords, effectively locking the patrons’ accounts. Patrons will have to contact the library at that point for assistance resetting the password.

About the Laws

The library profession prioritizes the protection of patron privacy as a core tenant of the Library Bill of Rights. Colorado law also requires that “reasonable steps” be taken to protect personally identifiable information. Implementing passwords for access to patron data is a reasonable step.

Passwords are for more than just keeping patron reading history private. Personally identifiable information such as personal contact information can be more easily accessed without passwords in place – information that has the potential to result in identity theft or other crimes.

Colorado law has recently changed such that this level of security is required. There have been dramatic nationwide and worldwide increases in cybercrime, identity theft, and the commodification of PII. This level of security is more important now than in the past.

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