Art @ your library

Vail Public Library proudly displays local artists’ work in our fireplace on a rotating schedule. Public viewing is available during library hours.

If you are interested in displaying your work for a month in our Community room, please email


January 2024

George Lamb

Throughout the years, I have been more or less self-taught through careful observation of both contemporary artists as well as past masters. I’ve learned to paint by painting. I typically will do plain air sketches coupled with some photography to memorialize a time and place and then complete a work in the studio. As my style has evolved, I find that I now present my vision through more simplified landscapes in which I attempt to capture and share with the viewer a specific time and emotion, the movement of light, air, and water.

I savor every opportunity to be alone in a high mountain meadow or beside a slow-flowing brook – feeling the warm mid-day sun or watching the ripples as the stream cascades around boulders and fallen logs – the power of the ocean and the majesty of the lofty peaks.

My goal is to use the brush stroke and the intensity or transparency of the paint to capture the moment and bring the viewer into a quieter place. I am very appreciative of the time you spend with me.

February 2024

Julie Graham

I loved making art as a child, growing up in St. Johnsbury, VT, but as I got older, I became more inhibited and critical of my work, so I focused on academics and a career in health care. While reevaluating my life 4 years ago, I decided to make art a priority, and started taking oil painting classes in Honolulu. I moved to the Vail Valley 2 years ago, and have continued taking art classes, and pursuing my artistic goals.

I like to paint what I see, trying to capture exact details and likenesses, to make my pictures look as real as possible. Recently I’ve enjoyed being less restrictive, letting go of my perfectionist tendencies, and getting into the flow, even painting abstract images. When I let go of control and rigidity, I’m able to be in the present moment, which is where I find peace, inspiration, and joy.

March 2024

Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame

The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF) mission is to inspire by celebrating and sharing the enduring contributions of Colorado’s distinctive women. To achieve this, CWHF educates the people of Colorado about the stories of the women who shaped our state and the nation’s history with courage, leadership, intelligence, compassion, and creativity. Their talents, skills, struggles, and contributions form a legacy that the CWHF is dedicated to protecting. The women inducted into the Hall of Fame come from diverse backgrounds such as Pioneers, Politicians, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Minority Leaders, Lawyers, and more.

April 2024

Katie Dolan 

I hope my photographs help people appreciate the wonder of Colorado’s wild places and animals — cougars, moose, big horn sheep, elk, mule deer, ptarmigan, pikas, and wolves. As the world and the Vail Valley get more crowded, we need to co-exist with wildlife and help sustain healthy populations. The Rocky Mountains — the largest mountain system in North America — hold a special place in the human imagination. Revered by native peoples, feared by westward bound pioneers, loved by skiers, hikers, and visitors from around the world, the sharp, snow-capped peaks always captivate.

To celebrate the mountains and our wild creatures, the public is invited for tea and refreshments on Wednesday, April 3rd from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Vail Library Community

May 2024

TJ Studios

“TJ Studios brings a surreal view to realistic paintings. Creating an entire body of new work in the last year, they will showcase a mix of famous musicians and ethereal Colorado landscapes. Taylor & Jake Jones, are a married artist duo who have been painting and teaching art classes in Eagle Valley for over 5 years. They have an expertise in various art forms and are passionate about sharing their skills with others. TJ has grown a name for themselves painting custom murals and plans to open an inclusive art studio for all types of artists in Eagle, CO.”

June 2024

Vail Valley Art Guild: Margo Thomas

Ms. Thomas lives in Edwards, CO full time.  She discovered art in 2001, starting with human figure drawing and watercolors, studying at the Art Students League of Denver and in Chicago at the Palette & Chisel Art Academy.  Her goal is to communicate harmony through visual experiences. Inspired by the Colorado mountains, her subjects are based in nature and family.  She recently endeavored into the world of AI and found a “sweet spot  for using it as an amazing tool for creatives.

 Learn how the emerging AI (artificial intelligence) tools can help creatives reach a new level.  A self-guided walk will take you on a journey that is revolutionizing the art world and disrupting the norm.  During her June 3rd opening, Margo will lead you through this fascinating world, all written by AI and paired with her art.

July 2024

Veteran art

Paintings, photography, sculpture, and more will be featured at the Veterans Art Show in the community room of the Vail Public Library during the month of July. The exhibit is a collaboration between the Vail Valley Art Guild (VVAG), the Vail Public Library, and Eagle County Veterans Services. The art will be for sale with the proceeds paid directly to the artists.

“Art has always been valued in my family,” said Assistant Veterans Service Officer Jackie Allen-Benson, who conceived of the idea for the art show. “As a veteran, my first art was landscape design for which I attended school on the GI Bill. Like many veterans, art is an incredible coping mechanism for dealing with the stresses of life.”

August 2024

Vail Valley Art Guild

Artist TBD

The Vail Valley Art Guild is dedicated to enriching lives by fostering and promoting artistic growth and building awareness of the visual arts in Eagle County.

November 2024

Charmayne Bernhardt

Charmayne Bernhardt works primarily in watercolor but also does charcoal, acrylic and oil paintings.  She does many paintings for the US Forest Service and the Town of Vail with educational illustrations of nature.  These can be seen around Vail, hiking trailheads, Piney Lake, Sylvan Lake, Vail Mountain and Ford Park along Gore Creek and many parks.  These help people understand the importance of taking care of this wonderful place we live.  She also paints labels for Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea, does paintings for cards, and has illustrated children’s and medical books, as well as private commissions.  She was classically trained at an “old masters” art school and is grateful for a strong foundation in drawing and fundamentals.  Charmayne has lived here since the early 70s and never tires of the wonder around her.

December 2024

Vail Valley Art Guild

Artist TBD

The Vail Valley Art Guild is dedicated to enriching lives by fostering and promoting artistic growth and building awareness of the visual arts in Eagle County.