Healthy Lifestyle Series @ your library

Vail Public Library’s annual Healthy Lifestyle Series, an extension of our “Evenings of Engagement,” features programs that focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Programs include healthy habits for both the mind and body. While most programs take place seasonally, we do offer Yoga throughout the year.

Ongoing Programs:


These classes will still focus on gentle yoga practice and will introduce some flavorings from China, including Tai Chi and Daoism.

Kim Brodin is an Eagle County native, her background includes 12 years in education, and she hopes to incorporate playful language, nature, and quotes into the healthy movements of your yoga practice.



Join us for yoga from the comfort of your own home!

Email Sandy
to receive an invitation to
the Zoom meeting.


FRIDAYS | 11:30 A.M.

Join us back at the library’s
community room.
Mats are available,
but you may bring your own.

For updates, comments, or suggestions from our instructor, please email Kim at


TUESDAYS | 5:15 P.M.
Bi-weekly gatherings, beginning Nov. 15

Meditation is commonly described as focusing our mental attention to awaken us beyond habitual thinking. Although there are many approaches to deepening our awareness of presence, the art of course stated most simply lies in embracing the process with curiosity, kindness, a light touch and an open mind.

These meditation gatherings are informal, following no specific approach, practice or formalities. Whether you are already well along the path, just beginning to develop a practice or simply interested in exploring meditation, we invite you to join us in our meditation gathering.

Sessions will be facilitated by Toni Axelrod.

Toni is a graduate student of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Toni’s focus is on somatic therapy which draws on the wisdom of eastern and western therapeutic practices.


Winter Season (December – April) and Summer Season (May – September)

Our Walking Book Club continues through the summer and autumn months, respecting our social distancing. Think of this as a social outing that provides the mental and physical activity essential to a healthy brain. Join us whether you have read the book or not; share what you are reading with us as we walk or share reading ideas with the rest of the group. The point is to get you moving and socializing with other readers! For more information on the walking and skiing book club, email Jo at


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