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Community Meditation

March 28, 2017

Meditation is commonly described as the practice of focusing our mental attention to awaken us beyond habitual thinking, so to reveal the nature of reality -- what is happening here and now.  Although there are many approaches to deepening our awareness of presence, the art of practice lies in embracing the process with curiosity, kindness and a light touch.  Vail Public Library is pleased to offer community members the opportunity to share in their meditative journey from a community approach.


Please join others in the Community Room at Vail Public Library for weekly meditation gatherings on Tuesdays. Whether you are well along the path, just beginning to develop a practice or simply interested in exploring the path of meditation with others, we invite you to join community members in a weekly meditation gathering.   Meditation gatherings are informal, following no specific approach, practice or formalities.  Each session will open with a brief welcome and inspirational passage, followed by calming, breathing techniques and a 30-minute meditation session.  Sessions will close with brief comment or further inspirational thought from varied disciplines. Chairs are available or those preferring are welcome to bring a meditation cushion.

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