Confidentiality of Library/ Patron Records Policy

Vail Public Library (Library) patrons have the legal right to privacy in their use of the Library as provided for in Colorado Library Law (CRS 24-90-119). This Law protects the fundamental freedom of privacy and confidentiality of a patron’s Library record. The Library will not disclose information about a cardholder’s record or use of the Library to anyone other than the cardholder (or a custodial parent or legal guardian for minors) without written permission from the cardholder except by court order. A custodial parent or legal guardian, who has access to a minor’s library card, can access the Library records of a minor by electronic means. The Library staff will consider use of the Library, questions asked, materials borrowed, attendance at Library programs, and the presence of the patron in the Library, as being protected by this law.

Records that may be required for controlling the use of Library materials, either on or off the Library premises, are for the sole purpose of protecting Library property. These records are not to be used directly or indirectly to identify the kinds of materials used by individual Library patrons, except when the Library can use such information to assist a patron in finding what she/he wants. When no longer needed for Library administrative purposes, these records will be deleted.

It is the policy of the Library never to provide any information about its patrons or their use of the Library to any government agency, whether local, state, or federal, without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction. Once a subpoena or search warrant is received, the Library Director will consult with the Library’s Legal Counsel to determine if it is in proper form and if there is a valid basis for its issuance before providing any confidential information. In our taxpayer interests, all costs (including legal fees) that are incurred by the Library in any search through patron records, even under a court order, shall be chargeable to the agency requesting the search. Patron record information is privileged and if divulged is an invasion of the patron’s privacy. It is also, according to CRS 24-90-119, a class 2 petty offense and carries a fine up to three hundred dollars.

Communication needs in the public interest allow for the Library to use email and mailing addresses for Library business to assist with operations, resources, services, programs and facilities.
Vail Public Library is under video surveillance. These files are stored by the Vail Police Department for 30 days. The Library does collect photographs and videos during Library programs and events. A release waiver by an adult (18 years or older/guardian/parent) is required for these to be used in marketing or public relations on behalf of the library.


ADOPTED: June 2, 2020