Robotics Club

Given the unprecedented times brought to us by Covid 19, we are choosing to continue to offer Robotics as a self taught class this year.  We have 3 –  EV3 Lego robots, training manuals and invite patrons to use Lego open source software to work their way through the course.

We will require a library card and a signed agreement between an adult borrower and the library to ensure that the robot is treated with care and you assume responsibility for lost or broken parts.  The lending period will be 4 weeks.  

In typical times, we hold Robotics club in two sessions, Robotics I and Robotics II. In Robotics we use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 to build, program and complete challenges. Each week we learn a new move and put it to the test in fun and interactive ways. Children should be in 3rd grade and up to participate. With the 4 week lending period, you will be able to complete the manual.  It will allow us to offer the program to up to 3 patrons before the holidays.  If you complete Robotics I and wish to continue, we will try to accommodate that.  We have to see how much interest there is in the program. For more information contact Cricket Pylman at to reserve your robot.