Patron Code of Conduct Policy

Vail Public Library strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for our customers. We offer open and respectful access for all while reserving the right to enforce reasonable rules and guidelines to this end. In addition to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, the following are intended to guide library users in their conduct at Vail Public Library:


  1. Children eleven years of age and under must be accompanied by a guardian or caretaker who is at least sixteen years of age.
  2. Adults attending a program intended for children must be accompanying a child.
  3. Cell phones should be silenced or set to vibrate. In consideration of others, calls are to be taken outside the building, in the Galleria, or in the Social Computer Area at the rear of the library.
  4. Food and/or beverages are not permitted in the library (this includes water). Refreshments are only allowed in the Community Room, in the Galleria, or at Library-sponsored events.
  5. The following are prohibited in the library as well as on library property:
    • Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs or being under the influence.
    • Possession or use of medical or recreational marijuana.
    • Smoking, use of electronic smoking devices, or use of tobacco products.
  6. In order to help maintain a pleasant, productive, and safe environment for all Library users and staff, the following behavioral guidelines for service dogs are to be observed:
    • Animals are not permitted in the library, with the exception of ‘service dogs’ which must be identified as being service animals.
    • Service dogs must be in physical proximity to their handler and under handler control at all times.
    • Service dogs may not be left unattended by their handler at any time.
    • Service dogs must be on a leash or harness, at all times, unless the use of a leash or harness interferes with the animal’s effective performance of its designated task(s). If the animal cannot be leashed or harnessed, it must be under the handler’s control via voice, signals, or other effective means, at all times.
    • Service dogs must not display disruptive behavior such as barking and growling.
    • Service dogs must be house-broken and their handler is responsible for any upkeep or clean-up of the animal.
      • NOTE: If a service dog’s behaviors or actions pose an unreasonable or direct threat to the health or safety of others, or do not conform to these guidelines, it may not remain in the Library facility. In accordance with ADA guidelines, non-compliance with guidelines can be grounds for a request to remove a service animal from the Library facility. If the service dog is excluded from a Library facility, the individual with the disability is welcome to stay and will be reasonably accommodated by Library staff.
  7. The library prohibits the creation of any public disturbance including the use of obscene language; deviant, threatening, harassing or abusive behavior, whether in general or directed at any specific person or persons; or, offensive smells or sounds that constitute a nuisance.
  8. Gambling, solicitation, or sleeping is not permitted on library property. Napping in an upright position is considered acceptable.
  9. Theft, damage, alteration, or destruction of library property is a crime and will be prosecuted.
  10. Personal belongings are limited to two shopping bags, or the equivalent, and may not be left unattended.
    • Unattended bags will be dropped off at the Vail Police Lost and Found department. The library is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  11. Skis, snowboards, and other athletic equipment are not permitted in the library.
  12. A shirt and shoes must be worn at all times while in the library.
  13. Washing clothes or bathing is not permitted in the library’s restrooms.
  14. Possession of weapons, including firearms and knives, is prohibited except by legal permit.
  15. Please do not leave trash around the library but instead use the designated trash/recycling containers found throughout the library.

Members of the library staff will enforce these policies. Persons unable or unwilling to cease unacceptable conduct will be asked to leave. Law enforcement may be notified. The library reserves the right to restrict access to persons who do not comply with the above expectations and who refuse to cooperate with library personnel.


ADOPTED:  April, 2023