Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality) Policy

The Vail Public Library maintains and furnishes Oculus Rift for sole use by library patrons. (individuals with Vail Public Library cards in good standing).


The library strives to offer community access to new and emerging technologies, such as Virtual Reality, to inspire a new interest in creation and collaboration @ your library. This policy establishes how, and under what circumstances, the public may use the library’s Oculus Rift.


  • Patrons must be over 13 years of age to use the Oculus Rift.
  • Patrons may make a suggestion for a download to be reviewed by staff. There is no guarantee your suggestion will be accepted.
  • The library’s Oculus Rift is available to use with programs selected and downloaded by library staff.
  • Oculus Rift is available in 30 minute sessions. Patrons are allowed one session each day.
  • Patrons may only use the Oculus Rift alongside designated library staff or volunteer coaches.
  • Glasses are not permitted with the use of Oculus Rift.


The Oculus Rift is available during designated Tech Studio Hours. Patrons will be permitted no more than 30 minutes on the Oculus Rift in a given day. Oculus Rift may be reserved ahead of time.

ADOPTED: January 2023