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"Mister Fahrenheit" Author Talk

January 6, 2016

Local author Shirley Welch will be at Vail Public Library to discuss her newest book “Mister Fahrenheit.”

On July 6, 1994, a roaring blaze exploded in South Canyon near the base of Storm King Mountain in Glenwood Springs.  That day, Welch’s family drove past the smoke in the early morning, and by evening the smoke had turned to an inferno and 14 firefighters were dead.  This incident left a lasting impression on her and was her inspiration for “Mister Fahrenheit” and what began her journey of learning about firefighters and wild land forest fires. Welch’s book takes place near Minturn, Colorado with mention of Beaver Creek Resort and later the hospital in Vail. “Mr. Fahrenheit” is part suspense and part humor with a lot of information tossed in about forest fires. It has a lot of description of the back country around Cross Creek and west to Beaver Creek.

Welch will share how she came to write “Mister Fahrenheit” and give a  brief description of the Storm King Mountain fire and how the science of fire fighting is not exact. She will also briefly share her knowledge of the book writing process as well as the challenges of publishing.


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