Category: Adults Common Cents for Colorado Seminar #5 - Managing Money During Retirement

Common Cents for Colorado Seminar #5 - Managing Money During Retirement

July 13, 2017

This seminar explores concepts and theories associated with managing money during a happy and relaxing retirement.  Participants will review the changing landscape of retirement with its growing challenges, e.g., increasing longevity,  increasing medical costs, lower Social Security benefits, disappearing pensions, need for financial expertise, etc. Then the seminar will explore various plans for making money last through a secure retirement.  Major discussion will be spent on methods for determining spending during retirement, allocation for remaining assets, guarding against inflation, deciding safety net needs and plans, and hints for reducing unnecessary expenses and extending limited assets while enjoying life more.  The seminar is recommended for anyone who is struggling with the retirement conundrum of managing assets so they last through a comfortable retirement. This includes those who have  already entered retirement, those who are about to enter retirement, and those who are thinking about the retirement issues ahead. The seminar is also a great review of all the concepts discussed in prior seminars.

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