Category: Adults Common Cents for Colorado Seminar #3 - Retirement Savings Vehicles

Common Cents for Colorado Seminar #3 - Retirement Savings Vehicles

January 19, 2017

This seminar is designed to explore some tax-advantage methods to save for a comfortable retirement in the distant or the not too distant future. It’s never too late! Participants will be introduced to all the specialized retirement savings plans that have been introduced by Congress, all designed to help individuals save for retirement. More importantly, participants will explore how to set realistic retirement savings goals, estimate the annual dollars needed to reach the goal, and consider the possible investment strategies that might be used. The seminar would be ideal for those who want to begin or reevaluate their retirement planning strategy. The goals are to be proactive, establish the “best-for-you” retirement savings plan, know how to implement and monitor the plan, and take charge of creating your comfortable and secure retirement.

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