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Amazing Brains: The Brain on Love

July 6, 2016

In this educational and entertaining talk, Nicole McGuffin explores the relationship between the brain and body, and how this impacts the love we create and feel with our significant others.  This information is applicable to anyone in a relationship, romantic or friendship.  You will walk away with how to build deeper connections, create attachment and grow your relationships, based on what happens in your brain.  A question and answer period will follow.

Nicole McGuffin is the founder of Amazing Brains, a counseling and neurofeedback clinic in Riverwalk, Edwards. Intimately familiar with the brain and how to optimize brain functioning through biofeedback,  and counseling, Nicole and her team treat ADHD, depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and brain injuries in addition to working with athletes to create peak performance. As a gestalt therapist, Nicole guides self awareness of your experience with tremendous compassion and acceptance, leading you to take direct responsibility. Nicole is a licensed psychotherapist, board certified in neurofeedback, and a certified gestalt therapist.


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