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Category: Adults

May 24, 2023

Bravo! Vail Music Festival partners with Vail Public Library for Summer Displays.

Beginning in mid-May, library patrons can access books curated by the staff and artists of the Bravo! Vail Music Festival to celebrate Season No. 36, which runs June 22 – August 3, 2023. The library's Hauserman Table will feature books related to some of the premiere special events, children's books, or books related to understanding classical music.

On May 24, the library will host a public unveiling of the Galleria display, with guest Caitlin Murray, executive director of Bravo! Vail.

The Galleria will feature books and content related to the history and impact of Bravo! Vail through symphonic, chamber and education resources. Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert at classical music, you are guaranteed to find something that will intrigue you with these displays.

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