Legal Databases

 Law Depot

Allows you to create your own legal documents by having you answer questions pertinent to the document and your specific situation. Legal assistance is also available. Law Depot also stores your documents in your account. Watch a video to get an overview of the Law Depot service. Create your account for future access when you visit for the first time.

Helpful information can be found here: RBdigital Education LawDepot User Guide – Content List

Legal Information Reference Center

This database provides access to the full text for many of the top consumer legal reference books and provides access to thousands of legal forms.

Legal Websites

Colorado Legal Services – an organization which helps low income Coloradans who are seeking legal assistance.

Colorado Revised Statutes

Cornell Law

Find Law

International Law

Law Firms

Supreme Court Decisions – Legal Information Institute of the Cornell Law School provides information on current and historic Supreme Court decisions as well as justice biographies, and current term information.

Town of Vail Code – town code available on line.

U.S. Code – search or browse the Federal Laws of the United States.


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