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Special Guests for the Month of April

Wednesday April 4th @5:30pm

Flagship Romance

Fluent, intense acoustic guitar playing; lyrics of life’s peaks, troughs, mysteries and wonders; soaring, yearning vocals; tender, though oft-anthemic melodies, and harmonies one could barely separate with a single human hair: this is the Flagship Romance sound.

“We’re Shawn Fisher & Jordyn Jackson. We’re in love with each other, the music we make, the people we meet, and the ability to make a difference in this crazy world with our gifts.” xo, SF + JJ


Wednesday April 11th @ 1:30pm

Sensational & Super Seniors

Please join other Eagle Valley Seniors from around the county at Vail Public Library  for an afternoon of socializing, music, light refreshments AND a program that allows you to create dream pillows and salt water foot soaks. This free program will take place in the library’s Community Room and is led by Jackie Clark, the library’s very own Registered Horticultural Therapist.  Free parking can be arranged and folks who have difficulty walking longer distances may be dropped off at the front doors of the library.

For more information, please contact the library at or 970-479-2187. Reservations are required so that we may have enough supplies on hand.

Wednesday April 18th @ 5:00pm

Earth Day Worm Composter

Join us to build your own worm composter to take home. This popular workshop is our Earth Day Celebration.  Our very own horticultural specialist, Jackie Clark will lead this program, which is limited to 20 composters.  You must RSVP for this event so that we can purchase enough materials. Please contact Sandy Rivera at or 970-479-2331 to make your reservation.



Wednesday April 25th @5:30pm

Kyle Donovan

Kyle Donovan is a singer-songwriter based on the Front Range of Colorado.

His 2016 album, The Kindness of Strangers, was inspired by the connection and common bond of humanity that he found touring across the US in 2015. In 2017, his unreleased material was selected at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival’s Troubadour Contest, winning him a spot as an Alternate Finalist. He now plays in multiple projects across the Front Range, including Summerland Sun, The Constellation Collective, and Clandestine Amigo, as well as fronting his own band.
Donovan has performed hundreds of shows at dozens of music venues and festivals across the country, including Boulder International Film Festival, Rockwood Music Hall, Swallow Hill Music, and eTown Hall.


Ongoing Programs

Knit Night  – April 9th last meeting !!! at 5:30pm

Bring a project or start one here, all abilities and skill levels are welcome at Knit Night!  Grab one of the library’s many knitting or crochet books for inspiration, and enjoy an evening with fellow crafters.  If you need extra help our teacher, Amy Cohen, is at Alpaca in Eagle where Knit Night is offered every Tuesday. Contact Amy ( or Cricket ( for more information or call 970-479-2179.


yogaGentle Yoga – Mondays and Wednesdays at 11:30am

This may be the yoga class you’re looking for. Here we cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. Though it’s a gentle workout, the emphasis is on working in. This inward focus unites the mind, body & Spirit in an atmosphere of community and collaboration, not competition. Balance, strength and flexibility improve while experiencing deep relaxation. You’ll feel a lightness of being from this powerful and healing practice. Taught by Anne Anderson, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Registered with Yoga Alliance, Professional Ski Instructor of America at Vail; Lionshead Adults, Reiki II Practitioner and Founder of Snowga, a yoga practice on the slopes created to calm the mind and transform the ski experience; less fear, more fun.


 Meditation -NEW TIME AND DATE- Sundays at 10:15am

Please join others in the Community Room at the Vail Library for weekly meditation gatherings with the NEW DATE AND TIME.

Sessions are currently led by  Thomas Guthrie, with visiting guests from time to time.  Each session will open with a brief warm up and breathing exercise, followed by a series of 10 to 20 minute meditation sessions or a brief open discussion, as may be welcomed.  Chairs and seating cushions are available. Remember sessions are FREE AND OPEN TO EVeRYONE.

Finding solace and wisdom in the study and practice of meditation, Thomas took novice ordination as a monk in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tradition. During this time, he participated in multiple 30-day and 90-day retreats, as well as a year of silent retreat in the Indian Himalayas. Later he helped establish a retreat center in Thailand. Upon returning to America, he helped create and manage a retreat center in Florida, then on to Vail in 2012, resuming a career in Hospitality and maintaining a daily mindfulness practice.

Thomas’ approach to mindfulness is secular, with respect for all wisdom traditions. His teaching is marked by kindness and delivered with practical humor and an approachable style. Thomas is currently engaged in multiple projects including: books on mindfulness, a meditation toy and promoting world peace. He is also eager to create a retreat center in Eagle County.

We hope you will join us!  Namaste and Blessings to all 


Zumba – Mondays at 5:30pm

Zumba is an energetic and fun-filled workout!  Latin infused rhythms and dance moves combine with hip-hop, salsa, and mambo to bring you an exciting evening of exercise that is as good for your mood as it is for your body!  All abilities and fitness levels are welcome to join us in this FREE Zumba program.

Zumba –  Lunes a las 5:30pm

Zumba es un entrenamiento lleno de energía y diversión que no te hacer sentir que estás haciendo ejercicio, es una infusión de danza latina y otros estilos, diseñados para enseñar movimientos de baile, de modo que estás realmente bialando con un grupo de personas mientras sudaba las libras.  Las clases son GRATIS.


Community Writer’s Group –

Thursdays from 3:30-5:00pm

Join us for this next step meeting of a Community Writer’s group. We are looking for non-published authors who want to meet weekly. The purpose of this writer’s group is to provide a safe and welcoming space for writers, to write, read and inspire one another. For more information, please call the library at 970-479-2187.


Book a Career Coach –

Available by appointment at Vail Public Library

Get one-on-one career coaching and assistance from the staff of the Edward’s office of the Colorado Workforce Center.  Contact them directly (Mellanee Montgomery via email at: or by phone at: 970-926-4440)  and then meet at the library for personalized help with resumes, applications, interviews, and more.


Books ‘n’ Bites – Wednesday March 14th,  5:00 – 6:30pm

Skiing Book Club – Friday March 9th, 11:00-1:30pm!

The book for March 2018 is… Underground Airlines By Ben Winters (chosen for the 2018 One Book One Valley)

Underground Airlines is a 2016 novel by Ben Winters which is set in a contemporary alternate-history United States where the American Civil War never occurred because Abraham Lincoln was assassinated prior to his 1861 inauguration and a version of the Crittenden Compromise was adopted instead. As a result, slavery has remained legal in the “Hard Four” (a group of southern states which have kept slavery): Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and a unified Carolina. The novel attracted praise for exploring racism through the alternate-history mechanism, but also engendered criticism for coverage that seemingly ignored similar contributions by Octavia Butler.

The novel is narrated by Victor, a former Person Bound to Labor (nicknamed ‘peeb’ in the alternate history) who, after escaping life in a Hard Four state, has been forced to work as an undercover agent for a mysterious federal marshal named Mr. Bridge, infiltrating and gathering evidence to prosecute fellow escapees and the people and organizations helping peebs escape slavery. If Victor refuses to help, the agent has threatened to return him to the plantation from which he escaped; and he can be tracked by a device implanted in his spine if he tries to run.

As the novel opens, Victor is tracking down the peeb escapee Jackdaw, whose last known whereabouts have led Victor to Indianapolis. His trail ends at Saint Anselm’s Catholic Promise, a seemingly derelict community center run by Father Barton. Victor poses as Jim Dirkson, an excruciatingly mild-mannered consultant for Indonesian mobile carrier Sulawesi Digital, looking to expand into the United States. He seeks to get his wife, a slave in Carolina codenamed Darling, out beyond the Fence (a nickname for the frontier between free and slave states in the U.S.) and into Little America, a suburb of Montreal founded specifically for African-Americans. In reality, however, Victor is only doing this as part of recceing the specific ‘Underground Airlines’ route that Father Barton is part of.

Victor quickly befriends a white woman named Martha and her mixed-race son after an altercation between her and the manager of the hotel Victor is staying at (who’d just ‘requested’ that he hand over his name and Social Security number as S.O.P. for colored persons) over stealing food from the breakfast buffet. He gives them something to eat, and the personage of Jim Dirkson becomes acquainted with the two.

Eventually, Victor locates Jackdaw, which is revealed to be a freeborn African-American college student named Kevin. He was sent by Father Barton to infiltrate Garments of the Greater South, purportedly to expose how they have been illegally selling slave-made goods to the rest of the United States (where ‘Clean Hands’ laws that forbid the purchase of any slave-made good or service apply) through shell companies located in Malaysia. This, the good father contends, could bring down slavery, or at least assassinate the credibility of its proponents.

Kevin, however, refuses to give up the location of the ‘evidence’ unless they also extract a slave girl he’d fallen for during his year behind the Fence gathering intel. In a commotion, Kevin is shot dead by an Indianapolis police officer who is working with Father Barton after he became enraged at the news that the girl was probably dead.

Victor deduces something larger is at play and gets Martha to play his ‘Missus’ through the deeply racist Hard Four (by promising her access to TorchLight through GGSI’s network, a centralized registry of every Person Bound to Labor in the U.S. and their vital statistics, so that she could find out what happened to her son’s (briefly-escaped peeb) father) to investigate GGSI. Marshal Bridge is compelled to play along after Victor bluffs that he ‘knows’ that there is something in the evidence that Kevin collected that would be potentially damaging to the Marshal Service. They pass through the Alabama border with no tsuris with papers furnished by Bridge, and make their way to Green Hollow, Alabama


Join us for homemade treats and fabulous discussion during Books ‘n’ Bites  or come out for an adventure with the Skiing Book Club.

*Photo Policy

We will be taking pictures and recording video from time to time during programs. If you don’t want to be photographed or recorded, please let us know, and we will do our best to protect your privacy. If you do consent, the photos and video taken may be used on press releases, or on the library’s website and/or social media sites.


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