Evenings of Engagement

Past, Present, and Future!

Join us in enjoying a few highlights from our Evenings of Engagement program.  Our goal is to bring exciting, interesting, and educational programming to the Library every Wednesday Evening (from 5:30-6:30pm).

Over the years we have hosted local and international musical groups, artists sharing their passion through workshops, living history actors, and educators.  If there is a subject or topic you’d like to visit during an Evening of Engagement, please contact the library and let us know!

December 2017

Dickens Carol Singers and Mountain Harmony Acapella

AWE chamber music trio


November 2017

Jackson Emmer

Jerry Barlow


October 2017

-no musical programming-


September 2017

Sean Gaskell


August 2017

Kurtis Kelly Tales of Survival

Bettman and Halpin

Flagship Romance


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