Badge Quest

Come Explore Your World with the

2016 Badge Quest

This summer at the Vail Public Library

Please contact Cricket for more information: You may sign up for the Summer Reading Program that matches your age and then request the Badge Quest Materials at the Service Desk.

The focus of the Badge Quest program is on informational books and related activities.  The goal of Badge Quest is to involve families in summer learning.    For each badge, you will need to read at least three nonfiction (informational) books that have something to do with the subject of the badge. If someone reads the books to you, that also counts!

In addition, you must complete an activity of your choice this summer that is related to the badge. For example, if you are earning your Food and Farming Badge, you may want to grow some vegetables or visit the local farmer’s market.

See the Badge Quest Research and Activities Handbook for ideas. On the back of the Badge Tracker Card, write down the titles, authors, and subjects of the books you have read, and describe the activity you did. Have your parent or guardian sign at the bottom of the card to certify that you have completed all the requirements for the badge.

Bring your completed Badge Tracker Card into the library to receive your badge and entry into a drawing for a prize.

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